Always finish the project on time


Quality is the first priority


Making the best value in each project


We ensure that all projects are carried out with the utmost professionalism from leading personnel, experts in the field of construction, creating excellent products.


Prestige is the only policy and we always try to complete all projects with integrity, not only with our customers, but with every partner.


We always use the best technology and methods to ensure that all work is done quickly and with the highest quality in each project.


We accompany throughout the process of shaping projects.

What We Can Help

Design Consulting

Tin An provides comprehensive design consulting solutions for all types of civil & industrial construction; urban and rural technical infrastructure.

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Supervision Consulting & Project Management

Our experienced team of experts will accompany and ensure the best quality for every project.

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Verification Consulting

 We will help you to check your project is designed safe, quality as well as economic optimization.

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Other Consulting

We can also help you with cost estimation, investment project management, project management and other consulting support.

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Customer/ Partner